Wool Socks

We at socked.co.uk are purveyors of fine black cotton socks for gentleman at a reasonable price.

However, we would be the first to admit that black cotton socks have their limitations in a world where people are perfectly free to wear socks of other colours and materials, however wrong they may be.

Cotton socks, we know, are not suited for heavy duty sports and outdoor pursuits wear, and we are quite happy to see our customers temporarily change out of their smart black cotton socks and into something scruffier but made of a more situation-appropriate material such as wool.

However, before the invention of the sheep, there were only cotton socks, and it is a testament of the warmth and comfort of wool that this new-fangled material has carved out a niche in the crowded sock and jumper market.

Wool socks are marvellous for cold winters nights and long walks in the country were warmth is as important as not being seen by people knowing that you are not wearing black gents’ cotton socks. However, if you are worried what people might think, we recommend wearing black cotton socks over your wool socks so people don’t know what you’re up to.

Celebrity Wearer: Pippa Middleton