Womens Socks

In this modern age, the fight against everyday sexism has become important as we move toward a more tolerant equal society. We at socked.co.uk embrace this change and are the first to point out to gentlemen and not-so-gentlemen that women are just as likely to wear socks than men.

We will let that statement sink in before repeating it: Socks are for women too, just like equal pay, equal rights and everything else that has blighted gender politics in this male-oriented society.

If you’ve taken your eye off the ball, you will be amazed to learn that the choice of socks for women is enormous, and their emergence the day after the abolition of the Mens Socks Marketing Board in 1979 immediately doubled the multi-million pound sock market in the United Kingdom.

Before that, women had to wear socks furtively, risking arrest from Department for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue sock police and several weeks in re-education camps learning their place in society. Thank God those days are over, a legacy of the late Margaret Thatcher, who turned up for work on her first day in Number Ten wearing a pair of red knee length socks which shocked the world to its core.

socked.co.uk is pleased to announce that its black cotton gents’ socks look equally great on female feet.

Celebrity Wearer: Queen Latifah. Yeah!