August 12th 2013 | Comments

William pipped to post in Best Dressed Celebrity Dad survey

Prime Minister battles with Clarkson for wooden spoon

New father Prince William has lost out to perennial style icon David Beckham for the title of Best Dressed Celebrity Father, missing out on the victory not long after a separate vote named the Duchess of Cambridge the best dressed famous mother.

According to a survey by a gentlemen’s clothing and advice website, the former footballer remains number one in the eyes of the public for his style and elegance, slightly ahead of the Duke of Cambridge who came second in the poll despite only being dad to the baby Prince George for a matter of weeks.

At the other end of the list, the public overwhelmingly voted Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and Prime Minister David Cameron as the least fashionable famous fathers, the poll conducted by finds.

“These results show that just because you’ve got children, you don’t have to give up on your style,” said Mark Hall, director of, “Some chaps just ooze style, and with a little bit of effort, they reflect all the positive sides of fatherhood. Others just let it all fall apart, it seems, and they need a bit of a fashion kick-start.”

According to the poll conducted by, the best dressed celebrity fathers amongst the British public are:

1. David Beckham

2. Prince William

3. Peter Andre

4. Elton John

5. Will Smith

“Beckham could go to his local supermarket in just a vest and tracksuit bottoms and he’d still be the most fashionable man on the planet,” said Mark Hall, “If anybody else tried that, they wouldn’t be let in through the door.”

Socked feel that one major social barrier has been broken down with Sir Elton John’s appearance on the list. “Sir Elton’s appearance on this list goes to show that living in a same-sex relationship is no bar to catching the public’s imagination,” said Hall.

“And Peter Andre remains popular after everything he’s been through. He’s caught the public imagination, he’s very likeable, and always makes an effort.”

Of the worst dressed celebrity fathers, dad-of-three Jeremy Clarkson emerged as the public’s least favourite, just ahead of David Cameron.

1. Jeremy Clarkson

2. David Cameron

3. Jamie Oliver

4. Kanye West

5. Robbie Williams

“Clarkson will probably relish this title,” said Socked’s Mark Hall of the Top Gear presenter, “He’s so anti-fashion that he relishes his faded jeans and shirt look that drive fashion journalists up the wall.”

Socked feels that recent shots of the Prime Minister on holiday probably didn’t do him any favours. “When he’s on duty, he’s always well turned out in a suit,” said Hall, “But the second he’s away from his advisers, he turns into an embarrassing dad on holiday, always in the shadow of the glamorous Sam Cam.”

Family man Jamie Oliver is not spared the wrath of the British public, for reasons that the Socked spokesman thinks might be something to do with his publishing success. “We think Jamie gets a bad press, but once you’ve sold a few million books dressed in a hoodie and jeans, you might be putting across the wrong image.”

Socked’s Mark Hall is sure that the bottom five could easily change their fashion sense with just a few simple changes to their wardrobe.

“We’d like to send some of these worst-dressed dads a Sock subscription to get kick off their sartorial revival, but we’re concerned they’d only wear them with sandals.”