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Why you need a man knife

Since time began it has been tradition for a gentleman to carry a pocket knife along with his cash, keys and smart phone

The History of the manly pocket Knife

Back in good old days of the 1st century it was the romans who invented the first folding knife, it was used mostly by soldiers, boy scouts and explorers when out and about on journeys and and conquests.

By the time the 16th century came along all the Romans where dead but the pocket knife continued to be popular anyone from a farmer to a doctor, gentlemen from all walks of life carried a pocket knife. It was the ultimate man tool and came in handy for all sorts of tasks including getting nails out of horses hoofs and eating, it is recommended that you clean your knife in between uses you can use a clean old sock for this.

pen knife

Gentleman have been carrying pocket knifes for centuries, but now as gangs roam the streets using knifes for stupid irresponsible and harmful reasons that cannot be justified and the increase in security at airports and other buildings, the carrying of the pen knife is dying tradition.

We believe that the carrying of pen knife is a gentleman tradition that should be continued, ask your self how many times have you been in a situation for the thought to occur “Hmm if only i had a trust pen knife right now!” we bet quite often.

Here are some instances where having a pocket knife can make all the difference between being a man and not being a man

1. Opening a box.

Whipping out your own personal knife to open a box is about as manly as it gets.

2. Cutting rope, tags, and string.

Has the Girlfriend bought a new dress and needs the tags cutting off? No problem impress her with your man skills

3. Cutting and eating an apple. Like a man.

Step one – Hold the apple in the hand you don’t write with
Step two – Make a slice using your writing (dominate) hand
Step three – Pinch the slice using your thumb and knife blade
Step four – Bring the apple to your mouth and eat like a man.

4. Opening a letter.

Why open a letter with your fingers and risk ripping, using a knife is more precise and more manly.

6. Outdoor survival

Find a stick and sharpen, place a marshmallow onto the stick and hand to your Girlfriend. Sit back as she basks in your manliness.

7. DIY

Have the sudden urge to tighten or loosen a screw? No Problem

8. Swing from a rope like a man, by clenching your knife in your teeth.

Different types of pocket knifes, which one is for you?

If you know of any other manly uses for a pocket knife please leave a comment.