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Which man knife is right for you?

Different types of pocket knifes, which one is for you?

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Picking a personal pocket knife is personal much like selecting the right pair of socks, it all comes down to personal style. You will want to select a knife that you can bond with, it should become an extension of your body, it should feel good in your hands. Get it right and the path to eternal manliness is one step closer.

The three most common pocket knifes are

1. The Jack knife

Invented by Jack ‘the man’ Hall in 1508 it has a single simplistic hinge at one end and although normally only comes with 1 blade you can get a Jack knife with more than one, the single blade option may also have a lockable action this is commonly known as the ‘lock knife’ this lockable action is recommended for heavy use. The Jack knife is popular with men who like hunting, camping and fishing.

2. The pen knife

Although the pen knife was originally named and designed to sharpen pen quills it is capable of a lot more. The knife will have hinges at both ends and will typically have two or three blades at each end making it ideal for a number of tasks that require different types of blades. The pen knife is also favorable as it is small and wont bulge in the pocket of dress clothes.

pen knife

3. Multi-purpose knife.

These are by far the most poplar type of knifes. Most people will be familiar with the swiss army knife range, in addition to the knife blade, multi-purpose knives have multiple blades and options such as screwdrivers, bottle openers, tin can openers, scissors, leather punchers, tweezers, or even seat belt cutting blades.

The multipurpose knife will come in handy in a variety of situations from saving your teeth at parties when no bottle opener can be found, to freeing a damsel in distress tied to a rail way line.

Where can you buy one from?

If your Grandfather or Father hasn’t given you one (don’t hate them) you can pick on up from most outdoor or camping stores.

Being a gentleman comes with great responsibly, please note in the United Kingdom of Great Britain you can only carry a folding knife with a blade less than 3 inches, unless you fancy spending a long time at her Majesty’s pleasure you must never use it in a threatening manner.