January 8th 2013 | Comments

What to do if your dog gets into a dog fight

Your dog might be your best friend, but it will also be best friends with anyone and everyone. Others however, may not be so friendly and come with a little bite!

Those who lack bite themselves, tend to breed dogs to have it for them, these people are called chavs. Aggressive dogs are a big problem in today’s society, they are on the rise, they are kept to intimidate, or in some cases, to take part in illegal dog fights.

A bit more rare, is that an otherwise laid back peaceful pup may suddenly turn. With the increase in dog breeding, particularly these status dogs and the lack of training and stimulus; there will be more and more sights of dog fights in the local parks and streets. So what does one do when your beloved animal is amongst it all. Only if you deem it essential, intervene, but follow these ideas- protecting yourself at all times:

Do not attempt to get into the middle of the dog fight. The animals are fighting for their lives, you will just be an object in the way and will most likely get bitten.

A quick burst of cold water, whether it be a bucket full or a quick hose down, this should shock the strongest of fighting instincts into stopping.

If water is not accessible, try to separate them with stick (not a flimsy twig), a large piece of wood or net. Keep hold of this object though, as you may need to use it again to fend the dog away from you.

If you’ve no water and no object to separate them with, try making a loud noise of some description, lots of short sounds would be better than one long- if you’ve got an airhorn or ref’s whistle, that might do, to distract them.

As a last resort and if there is someone there to help you, try the doggie wheelbarrow. Yes, just as you did at school, each of you chooses a dog, grabs from behind, their hind legs and lifts them in the air, leaving their front paws to walk along the ground. The dogs must be pulled away from each other, sweeping the doggie wheel barrow in a circular motion and you back away to give you maximum protection from the dog.
Be careful trying this stunt; you will need to be aware that the dogs will probably return to fighting as soon as you let go and be sure that you aren’t at risk of being bitten yourself.

Once the fight has broken, it is wise to get the dogs as far away from each other as possible, perhaps into a car, into a garden or into a room of a house.