Welly Socks

Among the greatest inventions of this modern age, we can name the internet, the motor car, penicillin, space exploration and the welly sock.

Before the advent of the welly sock, wearers of wellington boots were an army of miserable people limping about with their socks falling off and getting stuck down in the toe of the boot.

This became such a problem that in 1946, the Ministry of Supply in the Attlee government launched a competition with a £10,000 prize to design a pair of socks which were suitable for wellington boots. However, technology was not suitably advanced at that time of post-War austerity, and it was not until 2005 that then Chancellor Gordon Brown, tried of having his boots sucked off in Scottish bogs, sat down and invented the welly socks we know and love today.

Unfortunately for Brown, an ungrateful public never warmed to him despite his essential public service in the field of boot comfort, and he was turfed out of office in the 2010 general election. Such is the fickle nature of politics.

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Celebrity Wearer: Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown