Wedding Socks

Specially reinforced and heat resistant socks with built-in chain mail that survive anything that a career in the welding industry can throw at them. Welding Socks are fire-proof and comfortable, they protect the wearer from sparks, melting metal and …err… right… Wedding Socks.

For the one of the three biggest days of his life (the first and last are pretty special too, for various reasons), the gentleman needs to look his absolute best on his wedding day. However, a trend for brightly coloured socks under the formal morning suit disturbs us greatly and should be stamped out ruthlessly.

The wedding, the gentleman should understand, is not about the bride or the groom, but to ensure that the bride’s grandmother is not offended, leading to a lifetime of incrimination and sharply-worded Christmas cards. Arrive at the church with a pair of red stripy socks will guarantee a sharp intake of breath and the words “Well I never” coming from the bride’s side of the pews.

Wedding socks, then, should be smart, comfortable and – most of all – inoffensive. And for this we recommend a pair of black cotton socks from A subscription also makes the ideal gift for the best man and ushers.

Celebrity Wearer: Katie “Jordan” Price