Watersports Socks

Socks for watersports, including yachting, kayaking and rowing, not to mention for people who go fishing.

Watersports enthusiasts need socks that are quick-drying, warm and snug. There’s nothing more miserable that sitting in a canoe in the middle of a cold canal with cold, wet feet, miles from home. Except, perhaps, being forced by an elderly relative to attend a Daniel O’Donnell concert with cold wet feet.

Or course, such is the varied history of socks, it never was always this way – early kayakers took to the waters with their feets wrapped warmly in the skins of seals. For British users, with seals a relative rarity and the art of seal clubbing somewhat frowned upon outside Canada, hobby kayakers were forced to done ‘fake seal’ a by-product of the Supermarket Value Brand Lasagne industry.

It was not until the fashion explosion of the seventies and eighties that sock scientists were able to combine natural and artificial fibres to create the perfect watersports sock that has been refined to what we see today: Socks that are 93% certified free of seal.

Black gents’ cotton socks from socked.co.uk are 100% seal-free. Order a subscription, or Flippers gets his.

Celebrity Wearer: Late US President and action man Ronald Reagan