Waterproof Socks

The default setting for Britain is damp, so it’s hardly any surprise that there’s a market for waterproof socks, which are dry, warm and offer comfort to people who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as cycling, walking and standing in puddles to see if their socks are waterproof.

Before the quantum leap in sock technology, that led to the invention of the waterproof sock, wearers went to all kinds of lengths to ensure that their feet remained dry. These involved wrapping your feet in plastic bags, dipping your feet in red-hot molten wax to provide a waterproof layer (not recommended), and the concept of “not going out in the wet” (highly recommended).

Invented by a team of sock scientists at the University of Manchester who found their research grant withdrawn and were forced – by necessity – to perform their experiments in the cold and wet of the university grounds, the waterproof sock was originally intended for swimmers who were modest about their feet for religious reasons, but found favour with hill walkers and people with cold, wet feet.

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Celebrity Wearer: Swimmer Duncan Goodhew