Walking Socks

There are two kind of walking socks:

1. Socks that contain modern robotic technology that walk themselves to the washing machine

2. Socks for people who walk as a hobby

As for as we know, there has only ever been one pair of robotic walking socks ever built, and thanks to an oversight (forgetting to make the robot technology machine-wash proof), they were utterly destroyed along with the reputation of their inventor.

The other kind of non-walking walking socks, are essential piece kit for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits and long-distance walking.

For walkers, your feet are your tools, and it is important that they are looked after properly. A good pair of boots to the right size, along with socks that don’t rub, chafe or cause blisters are the number one defence for anybody thinking of spending a day tramping through the country.

Specialist brands are good for any budget, and a top-of-the-line pair that are comfortable and waterproof can cost up to £35, which is more than all the shoes we currently own.

And one you’re off the mountain, relax in a pair of black cotton socks from socked.co.uk

Celebrity Wearer: Professor Brian Cox, when he’s up a mountain