Thorlos Socks

Socks from the Thorlos company are marketed as the best in the world, and therefore get a section all to themselves. We of course do not believe they are the best in world, instead we are simply repeating their claims, of course  there is only one sock company that can claim to be the greatest in the world, but as gentleman and ladies with honor we would never stoop so low. (

Invented by Jim Throneburg in the 1980s, he says Thorlos socks exist to “help improve your health, wellness and enjoyment of life by protecting and enhancing the health and well being of your feet”.

In their own words, each Thorlos socks is made with love and passion in the state of North Carolina in the USA, which, we think, makes it the happiest sock factory in the whole world, and we envy them.

Thorlos socks are specifically designed with cushioning that protects and supports the feet, making them ideal for sports and outdoor activity wearers. They are – according to Thorlos – clinically proven to reduce blisters pain and moisture, and are so confident of this there’s a full money back guarantee.

And on this side of the pond, does great black socks.

Celebrity Wearer: They didn’t say. But you can buy military socks, so The US Marine Corps