Tennis Socks

At the very lowest point in the fortunes of British tennis, UK Number One player Captain Desmond Lewington-Smyth was beaten in the first round of the 1975 Wimbledon Championships in straight sets by a pair of socks left on the court by Swedish ace Bjorn Borg. Lewington-Smyth blamed his 6-0 6-1 6-1 defeat on the fact that his regiment insisted that he play in full dress uniform and “those socks have access to training and facilities that we can only dream”.

British tennis has come on leaps and bounds since those dark days of hobnail boots and racquets made in the shipbuilding yards of Belfast, to the point that we are almost nearly winning things again. This is entirely down to the introduction of the tennis sock to the British game, a quantum leap in sports technology that puts UK players on the same field as those from Morocco, Abkhazia and a small-roped off area in eastern Europe that hasn’t got a name yet but has a tennis court.

Tennis socks are light, supportive, look great on the tennis court and improves your game by exactly 0.27%

Of course, you can also wear black gents’ socks from while playing tennis, and you’d still be UK number three.

Celebrity wearer: Scotland’s Andy Murray