Sports Socks

If you’re into sports in any serious way, chances are you’ll need the correct socks. There are specialist socks for every sport: football, rugby, horse riding, tennis, and even armour-plated socks for ice hockey enthusiasts.

Armour-plated socks for ice hockey enthusiasts are also helpful if your life involves getting kicked in the shins a lot, or if your everyday routine takes you into an environment that is rich with flying hockey pucks.

Some sports have unusual sock requirements. Chess socks, for example, must be in the colour which the player has on the board. In 1937, German Grandmaster Helmut Strassenbahnhaltestelle was disqualified from a world championship face-off in Berlin with American Jesse Snart for appearing at the table wearing a pair of non-regulation red socks, much to the disgust of the watching Fuhrer.

In American sports, all umpires must – by law – wear socks that make them look like a zebra. In 1962, however, a exhibition match held in a wildlife park lead to the death of sports umpire Raymond Lutz, mistaken for a zebra by a hungry lion. Despite a concerted campaign, the zebra sock law was kept on the books, mainly due to pressure by the influential hungry lion lobby in Congress.

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Celebrity Wearer: Sir David of Beckham