Soft Top Socks

The polar opposite of Compression Socks, these are soft, gentle, and don’t feel like you’re wearing socks with a rubber band round your ankle.

Soft top socks were first mentioned by the London diarist Samuel Pepys in 1663 when he wrote: “Up betimes, and chided my darlyng Elizabeth, for once more she has procur’d socks which cut of ye circulation to myne feet, which will surely give me the dropsy. In haste, I took myselfe to Mr Hall’s fine sock emporium, where he did demonstrate a new style with soft tops that guarantee the wearer against all vapours and agues. Then, to an ale house where I ate a pie made of rook, and was sick until dawn.”

Modern soft top socks make no such health claims, except to be comfortable for the wearer and don’t leave that unsightly ring around your shin when you take them off. If your socks are painful, you’ll need these gentle grip socks.

Fine black gents’ socks from are gentle on the most sensitive of ankles and make a superb gift.

Celebrity Wearer: Samuel Pepys