June 14th 2013 | Comments

Socks, and their correct use in gentlemen’s fashion

Contrary to what many influential fashion websites would have you believe, a gentleman is not fully dressed until he is wearing a quality pair of socks.

Despite our almost fanatical devotion to the wearing of fine quality black cotton socks at the offices of socked.co.uk, we are aware that the fashionable, modern young man can dress reasonably well without them.

In fact, we are entirely amazed that young fellows – particularly in the capital – are stepping out in blazers, shorts, and deck shoes with hardly a care in the world, and looking every inch the stylish chap about town.

They are, however, quite wrong; and it behoves us to lecture those who submit to this blasphemy on the correct way to attire their feet.

Our advice is simple, and we can only assume that this fashion is down to absence of mind in the early morning: You are dressing for work, man, not for a day at the beach. (Gentlemen who work as life guards may safely ignore this, otherwise there are no excuses at all for forgetting your socks.)

Whether you work for a creative agency in the centre of London, or weld large pieces of metal to other large pieces of metal in some dark, satanic mill (possibly in the centre of London as well, because we’re against regional stereotyping) you have no reason to leave the house without remembering to put socks on first.

missing socks

And I should know. I once went to school wearing a pair of carpet slippers and no socks by mistake, and I never heard the last of it. The governors said I was a disgrace to the post of headmaster, and that was – sadly – the end.

Happily, the discerning gentleman can bid farewell to this sartorial difficulty, and always have a pair of fresh, black cotton socks to hand every morning through the medium of a subscription with the socked.co.uk website.

From as little as £5.99 per month, high quality black socks are posted to your door on a regular basis. For a one-off payment that equates to just £8 per month, your subscription gives you just short of a new pair every week, enough socks for even the most committed of sock-wearers. At that frequency, even the hardiest of sock-avoiding recidivists will soon learn the error of their ways.

No longer will hip, young gentlemen be ashamed to leave the house in the morning improperly attired. And if you know of a sockless dervish – or worse – someone who wears comedy cartoon character socks, a subscription makes an ideal gift.

Our mission at socked.co.uk is much like that of the martial arts sensei. We know that gentlemen will follow his own whims and deviate from the path of style and good manners, and our role is to gently nudge him back down the one, true path. And that path, as we are sure you will agree, is one that involves socks.