October 27th 2012 | Comments

Sock Horror! Halloween Special

Daniel sat up his bed and stretched comfortably in the morning sunlight. He reached to his bedside and switched off his alarm clock- it would go off soon, but he rarely woke up with it- he was a gentleman in every sense of the word, and would have taken pride in his punctuality and attention to detail if he had indulged himself with such things.

He crossed his neatly-arranged bedroom to the large walk-in closet, where his gentleman’s valet- a solid oak structure that organized his clothing and accessories for the day- stood proudly adorned in his fine clothes.

Except for his sock.

The sock that had been placed on the left, to be specific, for he had laid the perfectly matching pair on either side to better compliment his empty shoes and enable an efficient morning ritual. As a gentleman, he refused to curse or swear, but the small inconvenience disturbed in.

If I were a sock…’ he thought out loud as he searched the closet unsuccessfully for the mate. He dressed, in his remaining clothes, before setting off into the rest of his home to seek the elusive sock. There wasn’t a lonely sock in his drawer- true, he could have gotten a fresh pair at that time but the missing one had already consumed his attention. It didn’t appear to be in the hallway or any of the rooms. Daniel was stumped.

Daniel was in sock horror

Until he saw it- his sock, just around a corner that he could have sworn that he had checked previously. He ran towards it in his bare feet, and had nearly reached it when it was pulled back and disappeared from view. He stopped for a moment, shocked, yet still determined to solve the small mystery that had engaged his morning.

“Come back, please!” he called uselessly as he rounded the wall’s corner. There was nothing there- no sock and no sign of what had moved it. He was struck by how bizarre the situation truly was; a grown man, a gentleman at that, running barefooted through his home, chasing a rogue sock. He saw it, again, around the entryway to the kitchen.

I’m losing my mind… the timing is most unfortunate,’ he thought wryly as he chased the sock towards the kitchen, dedicated to catching it this time. But as he approached, the sock once again disappeared from view. He stopped, certain that he would see it again with patience; he was not disappointed. This time, the sock was lying neatly under the door to the laundry room.

This time, Daniel had a different approach- he crept up slowly, approaching the sock like a predator would stock its prey. When he was close enough, he lunged and barely caught the fabric in his fingertips before is slid out of his grasp and under the door. He was upset now, and flung the door open to see what had taunted him so terribly.

On the other side of the door, towering over him, was a massive creature. Easily over eight feet tall, it stooped slightly as it looked down. It had one large, bloodshot eye and a mouthful of uneven, razor sharp teeth, and claws that extended far past its thick fingers. It perched, unevenly, on one ragged leg and held, in its hand, the missing sock.

Daniel looked at the creature, then at his purloined sock, then at the creature’ single bare foot. “You keep it, old chap; I’ve plenty! Thanks to my sock subscription

The creature nodded and twisted its face into something resembling a smile, climbed carefully into the dryer, closed the door and disappeared.

‘I guess that explains where my socks keep disappearing to!’ Daniel laughed to himself as he pulled a fresh pair from his drawer.