Snowboarding Socks

Gnarly! Gum! Billo! Slicka!

We have no idea what any of these words mean, for we are gentlemen of the first water and do not mix with the type of person who practices the dubious arts of snowboarding.

However, the radical dude in your life needs the right equipment for his hobby, and that means from the helmet on his or her head, down to the socks on his feet.

Snowboarding socks have got to be warm. They’ve got to be comfortable. They’ve got to be able to cope with the strains of a frontside grab followed by a Canadian bacon and a Rippey flip, whatever that means.

This means they’ve got to head over to their specialist ski snowboarding supplier, and grab some snowboarding socks, which are – as far as we can tell – exactly the same as ski socks, only twice as gnarly and rad when you’re pulling a Frontside Rodeo going off piste.

Honestly, we’re not making this up.

Alternatively, just go for a walk to the park wearing your fine cotton black socks from It’s far safer

Celebrity Wearer: Keanu Reeves, just because