Slipper Socks

Socks which double up as carpet slippers.

We repeat: Socks which double up as carpet slippers.

There is little in this world that makes us angry: poverty, injustice and needless cruelty being just three. However, to that list may be added slipper socks.

When a gentleman arrives home from a hard day of gentleman’s pursuits – may they be conducting business, lunching with a gentlewoman acquaintance or abusing the serving staff at his club, he likes nothing more than kicking off his shoes and allowing his gentleman’s gentleman to furnish his feet with a fine pair of carpet slippers before the first G&T of the evening.

The very thought of arriving home, kicking off both shoes and socks, and replacing them with some slipper-stroke-sock contraption that is neither fish nor foul, goes against every facet of the gentleman’s way of life, and fills us with disgust.

While some of these warm, comfortable slipper socks are little more than warm, comfortable woollen socks with knobbly bottoms, our research has also turned up examples that resemble a Frankenstein-like coming together of slipper and sock, decorated with meerkats. I say again:meerkats.

Warm and comfortable they may be, but consider the social price to pay if you answer the door to the Bishop of Bath and Wells wearing these monstrosities.

Instead, we recommend a decent pair of slippers from a reputable supplier, worn over fine gentlemen’s socks, of the type available from

Celebrity Wearer: The Bishop of Bath and Wells