Silky Socks

Gentlemen! Back away from this page now!

We are not sexist in any way (in fact, we reject accusations that we are anything-ist in any way, except for people who don’t like socks), but no gentleman should even consider wearing silky socks, unless he has an extraordinarily good excuse.

And the only good excuse we’ve come up with is that the gentleman must pass over a length of rice paper without leaving a trace as part of an initiation test to join a secret order of ninjas. We will be the first to admit that this train of events is unlikely to happen.

Silky socks, then, are the preserve of the gentlewoman, especially those employed in, or have a participatory interest in the field of ballet and dance. Our research for this page have brought up images of young ladies in all sorts of elastic poses, many of which are now stored innocently on our hard drive for a future reference work on the history of dance.

On the plus side, silky socks are ridiculously cheap, so would suit a gentleman on a tight budget who cares little for his appearance. However, for those that do, a black sock subscription from is great value and looks fantastic, whether you are a ballet dancer or not.

Celebrity Wearer: Black Swan star Natalie Portman