Shooting Socks

At least one of the staff at claims to have been a trained marksman during his days wearing smart, black socks in Her Majesty’s armed forces, and tells us, twitching, that he could “shoot the bits off a fly at three hundred yards”. However, he says, he never once had to put on specialist socks to improve his aim. We declined an offer for a free demonstration.

However, further research finds that our twitchy, trigger happy pal is quite wrong about shooting socks. While he is proud of the dozens of utterly massacred paper targets pinned above his desk, on his desk and on the backs of colleagues, we find that specialist shooting socks exist for those into game shooting and associated field sports.

Designed specifically for the gentleman and gentlewoman who takes to the countryside armed with a shotgun, they are perfect whatever the quarry, be it game or just clays. Rugged, heavyweight socks made from wool, cashmere or mohair, they bring the kind of warmth and comfort that is not offered to any poor creature that appears in their cross-hairs.

Shooting socks are also a favourite of those who merely like to tramp around in welly boots, for the are unlikely to slip; and also for people who habitually wear the kilt. Just right for your sgian-dubh.

For people not about to shoot the countryside to blaze, black gentlemens’ socks make a tremendous alternative:

Celebrity Wearer: Lt-Gen Sir Harry Flashman