Sailing Socks

Sailing. Man and the sea. And, equally, women and the sea as well. And like any pastime, the right equipment is absolutely necessary, right down to the socks on your feet.

As people who have dabbled on the fringes of sailing on the odd occasion, and have been utterly baffled by the hoops that sailors have to go through even before they are allowed in the water, it comes as no surprise to learn that sailing socks actually exist, and there is probably an exam that follows a six-week Competent Sock Wearing Course at a cost of several hundred pounds.

Sailing, then, is essentially about have a very large hole in the water, into which you throw all your money. We got a nosebleed when we found out how much it costs to tie your boat up at a marina, and that was even before we saw the quote for “bottom scraping”, which is not the terrible sea-dog’s punishment you might think it is.

Sailing socks come as superb quality wool thermal liners, that keep the feet warm and dry even on the coldest and wettest of days. Expect to pay no more than a tenner from top sock sales websites, or a million billion pounds at any chandler’s shop.

Fine gentleman’s socks from are not available from any chandler’s shop, and hence represent a marvellous bargain for any person wanting to dress well at their sailing club bar. Find out how much you can save.

Celebrity Wearer: Dame Ellen MacArthur, even when she’s not sailing.