Running Socks

Without comfortable, injury-free feet, the runner is nothing. Actually, with bad feet, the runner becomes a sitting-downer, a term we just invented to describe non-runners.

The runner needs a great pair of running shoes, and the right pair of socks. A bad choice of running socks beens rubbing, chaffing, blisters or worse.

Of course, there are different socks for different runners. The explosive demands of a 100 metre sprinter (and we mean it – they’re utter divas) are completely different from the long-distance track runner, the road runner, or the cross country runner.

Lightweight and comfortable socks are a must, but the athlete also has to consider whether they need padding to help absorb the shock of endless road damage, or none at all for a short burst on a responsive athletics track.

From invisible trainer liners up to knee-length compression socks designed to increase blood circulation round the all-important cardio-vascular system for endurance athletes, there’s everything a runner will need, whatever their discipline.

And once training’s over, step out from the track with a fine pair of black gents’ socks from – the footwear of winners. (Note: Wearing Socked socks does guarantee victory)

Celebrity Wearer: Lord Sebastian Coe