Rugby Socks

Rugby, as any rugby player will tell you, is a game played by fifteen men with funny shaped balls (unless they are a Rugby League player, then it a game for thirteen men with funny shaped balls).

Rugby socks invariably come as an enormous shock to parents of children about to start at secondary school, who find themselves utterly ignorant of the difference between football socks and rugby socks when they receive the school uniform kit list.

And believe it or not, there is a difference. Football socks tend to be shorter, lighter and ideal for running about kicking a ball. Rugby socks can be pulled up to the chin if need be, and are of thicker wool. Just right for diving around on rugby pitches that are just one heavy rain shower away from becoming a swamp.

The modern rugby sock comes with (and we quote) “anatomical fit and cooling panels” which leads us to speculate that future rugby socks will be solar powered.

As a game of gentlemen, the good rugby player will always dress his best after a game, and will celebrate with the odd drink or sixteen wearing fine black cotton socks. Try a pair forĀ 

Celebrity Wearer: Rugby and TV’s Gavin Henson