Purple Socks

The colour purple is associated with success and the ruling classes and its use goes back for centuries.

Purple dye was first used by the Phoenicians over 3,500 years ago, the Tyrian purple that they used being derived from certain species of sea snail. The dye was hard to come by, was expensive to produce and didn’t fade, making it much prized. Before long only royalty could afford it, and it became the symbol of the ruling classes.

Roman emperors wore clothes dyed purple to show their royal – and as living gods – divine standing in society, and it was forbidden for the lower classes to wear purple, even if they could afford it. Tickets for our current Queen’s coronation in 1953 were printed on purple paper, such is the enduring connection between the colour and royalty.

Purple is still worn by those in high positions in the Christian church, symbolising piety.

In modern society, purple is still associated with royal connections. Prince. Purple Rain. OK, we’ll stop.

In terms of footwear, purple socks say one thing: I wear purple socks and I don’t care.

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Celebrity Wearer: HRH Prince Harry