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Press Release – Socked take Chart sensation Psy to task with legal action over latest hit single


We can’t sit by and let him destroy the good reputation of the male race

A prominent British gentlemen’s outfitters and style website is exploring its legal options over South Korean music star Psy’s latest hit song “Gentleman”.

Appalled by the video that accompanies the song, in which the Korean megastar is seen behaving in a manner that can only be described as “like a true cad”, the socked.co.uk website says it is considering a class action on behalf of gentlemen everywhere.

Convinced that the clip, on heavy rotation across music channels readily accessible by youngsters who might be considering a future as a gentlemen, socked.co.uk spokesman Mark Hall is certain that Psy’s antics could lead to copycat caddish¬†behavior.

“We’re sickened by this so-called contribution to the recorded arts,” said Hall, “In the video, Mr Psy’s antics are nothing short of disgraceful, and as one of 30 million gentlemen in the United Kingdom, it falls to me to say ‘enough is enough’.”

“We can’t sit by and let him destroy the good reputation of the male race.”

In the video to “Gentleman”, Psy is seen kicking a football away from children, pulls a cruel practical joke at a gym, undoes a young lady’s bikini, and breaks wind in the face of a girl.

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“None of these actions are those of a self-proclaimed ‘gentleman'”, said socked.co.uk ‘s Hall, “And because of this we’re pushing for an apology on behalf of polite, charming men everywhere for whom this kind of behaviour is anathema.”

“It’s not about money,” said Mark Hall, “We just want this popular recording star to admit that he got it horribly wrong, apologise to right-thinking gents the world over, and release a follow up single called ‘I’m really, really sorry for being a cad and a bounder’.”

If the legal route does not come to fruition, socked.co.uk have a final course of action that it is willing to undertake.

“As gentlemen of the first water, it behoves us to challenge Mr Psy to a duel,” said Hall, “because this is how proper gentlemen settle our differences in matters of honour.”

Hall is mindful that Psy’s two years of military service may have left him particularly useful with duelling pistols, so suggests a dance-off until either party achieves satisfaction.

“Ballroom, the dance of Gentlemen, or it’s no dice. There’ll be no prancing about Gangnam Style like a horse in matters of honour,” said Hall. “Also, for logistical reasons, it has to be within twenty miles of Leeds City Centre.”

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