Polka dot socks

In the long, chequered history of sock-wearing, it grieves us to say that no person of any note whatsoever has made it to the top of their profession wearing polka dot socks. Even Ben Elton, who leads the field in smug sitcoms and rock-based musicals dropped the spots at a very early stage in his career, and opted for white towelling socks instead.

However, there are still woolly-minded individuals who didn’t listen to the warnings and still wear polka dot socks in public, and they should be rightly condemned by society.

We here at socked.co.uk, the black cotton socks subscription service for gentleman, don’t do condemnation, and instead wish to search out these poor misguided individuals wherever they may be – on football terraces, in offices, driving buses, living under railway arches – and offer them the chance to change their lives for the better by exchanging their spotty monstrosities for a pair of plain black socks.

And if they refuse, they’ve made their life choice and we hope they can live with their conscience.

Please, think of the spotty sock wearers. Your gift of love – a Socked subscription – might save them from themselves.