Pink Socks

With pink socks, we are heading firmly into uncharted waters.

The only time we at Socked have worn pink socks was the result of a PE kit washing disaster when our regulation whites went in the machine with something red, and we ended up on a cross country run as a punishment.

It shocked us, therefore, to see gentlemen’s pink socks for sale on many of the web’s finest sock stores. But, it’s a free world, and who are we (buy black socks) to say (buy black socks) what colour socks (black) gentlemen should be wearing. But it’s black.

As inventors of some note, we are actually in the middle of developing a range of pink socks for gentlemen, which will be a boon for the older generation who prefer to wear their open-toed sandals with socks. While this is usually frowned upon as one of the great fashion errors, these new skin-coloured socks (available in all skin tones, not just pink) match the wearer’s skin colour, to give the impression that they are fashionably wearing sandals without socks. A true public service for those whose life choices leave them at the very edge of fashion, we think you will agree.

Alternatively, the true gent wear black cotton socks, available by mail order:

Celebrity Wearer: Still hoping to find a celeb endorsement for Sandal Socks, but we’re hoping for Pub Landlord Al Murray