Personalised Socks

The close relation to the Named Sock (see elsewhere in this A-Z guide), the personalised sock takes the concept that step further.

Along with named socks (which invariably do not have our name in stock, a lifetime’s source of constant misery), personalised socks come with optional logos and captions.

However, we will baulk at paying for personalised socks which read “Happy Birthday Dave”, if not for the fact that our name isn’t Dave, but also because they can only be worn once a year. Twice if you’re called Dave and you’re the Queen.

Also available are gift sets with a pair of socks for every day of the week, which must be a nightmare come laundry day, and lead to the temptation to wear Wednesday’s socks on a Friday, and down that road lie chaos, anarchy and the very breakdown of society.

The only time socks should be personalised is when your mum sews in a name tag into your PE kit, and we’re all more-or-less past that now.

For that ultimate personalised sock experience, why not purchase a subscription for black cotton socks from Each order comes in a quality padded envelope, individually personalised with your name, address and postcode. Collect the set and save pounds!

Celebrity Wearer: TV’s Kirstie Allsopp