Mountain Biking Socks

The world of socks is full of niche interest footwear for every occasion and pursuit. Mountain biking is one of those niches, where what you wear on your feet in just as important as the bike itself.

The mountain biker needs socks that are lighter than conventional wool or cotton, and don’t slip inside the shoe or cycling cleat. Riders also prefer socks that dry out quicker, because there’s not much worse on a bike ride than arriving with cold, wet feet. Apart from falling off your bike and landing in a freezing cold stream, obviously. Or riding into a bush full of enraged wild animals. Or the bit where you have to go back up the mountain.

Once you’re off the mountain and got rid of the layers of mud, luxuriate in the feel of good quality of gents’ cotton socks, available from the subscription service.

Celebrity Wearer: Lord Alan Sugar, who likes a good mountain bike ride