Mohair Socks

Made from the fleece of the Mo, and we suppose you have no idea what kind of animal a Mo might be. Neither do we, to be honest.

After drawing what we thought a Mo looked like (not unlike a giraffe only with a trunk and six legs), we were as disgusted and disappointed as you when we discovered that it was – in fact – a goat. A ruddy goat.

Mohair, it turns out, is a smooth, silk-like yarn that comes from the fleece of the angora goat, and it absolutely perfect for warm, comfortable clothing.

Socks made from mohair are warm and cushioned on the feet, but come with a premium price. Expect to pay up to £20 for a particularly fine pair. Mohair’s hard-wearing, so they’re great for people who need footwear for rugges outdoor pursuits, such as chasing after angora goats for their fleece.

If that’s not your thing, cotton socks are just as good, and look great on the feet of a gentleman.

Celebrity Wearer: Mo the bartender from The Simpsons, because we’re still rolling with the whole “Mo” thing. And Mo Farah, because he’s excellent