August 12th 2013 | Comments

Man buys sock subscription for his ill dog to chew


Laptops and condoms top list of worst things destroyed by pet dogs

Yorkshire resident Jonathan Ratcliffe has bought a sock subscription for his beloved working cocker spaniel Willow so she can chew at that them to his heart’s content.

sock subscription dog

Jonathan bought the gift of a sock subscription from online gents outfitters and advice website after his best friend was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and she now gets a regular supply of cotton socks to feed his chewing habit.

Jonathan is the managing director of security camera installers, and ordered the subscription to cheer up his pal, and to save his own socks. The tale inspired to poll its customers and find out the worst thing that their dog had ever chewed or eaten.

“Willow’s story is a wonderful one of a dog being rewarded for his years of service to his master,” said Mark Hall, managing director of Socked, “Unfortunately, we’ve also uncovered many, many tales of naughty canines that we just had to share.”

“For a start, Jonathan tells us that Willow once ran into the middle of a park, ate somebody’s picnic and licked food off a baby’s face.”

According to Socked customers wayward pet dogs have chewed or eaten all kinds of things:

Andrey: “When I was a kid, my dog got trapped in my bedroom. He chewed up EVERYTHING. Toys, pillow, mattress, shoes, everything.”

Gita: “My mobile phone. I only had it for three days.”

Colin: “A whole box of condoms”

Jake: “The corner of my laptop. Expensive.”

Paula: “My wedding ring, gone in one gulp. And yes, we got it back – eventually.”

Toby: “My priceless vinyl collection of Northern Soul classics. He looked so pleased with himself, the musical philistine.”

Dave: “I only realised she had a thing for bike inner tubes when I got a puncture. Chewed them up, hid the evidence.”

According to animal behaviour experts, dogs chewing things around the house is a sign that they’re bored an need a little stimulation. Most experts suggest longer walks, meeting other dogs, and interesting dog toys, of which a balled-up pair of socks seems to get the seal of approval.

Sock subscriptions from represent tremendous value,” said Socked’s Mark Hall, “Not only are they great as dog toys, you can even wear them on your feet as well.”