Luxury Socks

Everybody deserves a little luxury in their life, and nothing says indulgence more that a superb pair of top-quality socks that fit you like a glove (without the fingers, obviously).

The sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to luxury foot apparel, and we’ve seen prices of up to £75.00 for a single pair of cashmere knitted socks. That’s a single pair of socks for the price of what many families spend on their weekly food shop.

To put that in perspective, a subscription for top-notch black gents’ socks from will deliver two dozen pairs to your home over the space of a year, and still leave you with money left over for the important things in life, such as more socks, or food.

Luxury socks can be made from cashmere, angora, and other high-quality materials. Some can even be made to measure and supplied by bespoke tailors for that extra bank account-emptying touch. The feeling, of course, is pure luxury on the feet and the knowledge that you are wearing something that was once part of a goat.

Celebrity Wearer: Her Majesty the Queen