Lonely Socks

Socks, unless you are a unidexter, traditionally come in pairs. They are – like us – a creature who mates for life and cannot bear to be alone.

Alas, the sad fact is that under this current government, millions of socks in this country are without a pair, a figure that rises every day.

Lonely socks can be found anywhere. Down the back of the sofa, under the bed, at the bottom of washing hampers and gym bags, their opposite number nowhere to be seen and missing in action.

Owners with a heart may launder these lonely socks one more time and put them in the sock drawer in the home that the pair will someday return. But they don’t and come the next sock drawer cull, they are cast out into the street like a ginger step-child.

But there is still work for these lonely socks to make them feel valued. A pair of button eyes turns a lonely sock into a puppet for the kids; and filled with a heavy weight the sock can be used as an impromptu weapon to fight off muggers.

However, there comes a time that lonely socks need to go to the great recycling yard in the sky (in fact, it’s just outside Bournemouth), allowing the owner to replace them with new.

To avoid lonely socks, we suggest a subscription for high quality black cotton and – above all – identical socks from socked.co.uk. With all your socks looking the same, they need never be without a pair ever again.