Left and Right Socks

In a world of sock uniformity, it shakes us to the very core that socks exist for left feet and right feet.

These abominations unto sock-kind exist in two forms: The anatomically shaped socks which the makers claim are shaped perfectly to the foot, are more comfortable, and prevent chafing and blisters; and the dreaded novelty sock.

The novelty left-and-right sock – which we have seen with out own eyes – have toes on the end. You read that correctly, fellow sock enthusiast – toes on the end. The example we saw was also of rainbow colours and led us to call the emergency services so they could be disposed of to prevent injury to the public.

We are aware that such monstrosities still exist, and those owning them can only be cured by the regular application of black cotton socks, of the sort sold by socked.co.uk. If you know somebody who wears socks such as these, get in touch immediately.


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