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How to wash socks

The gentleman – even if he employs a gentleman’s gentleman to do his domestic tasks – should always be prepared for the day when he has to do his own laundry. This could come as a hugely distressing shock to the system, especially to the young man who has had his clothes washed, pressed and […]

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How to split the bill in a restaurant

In his Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sequel Life, The Universe and Everything, the late Douglas Adams invented a concept called Bistromathics, the most complicated numbering and mathematical system in the galaxy. Bistromathics, Adams declared, is the direct result of the fact that when a large party dines in a restaurant, it remains impossible to […]

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How to change a nappy

Gentlemen, be warned! Parenthood can strike at any time, often with as little as nine months’ notice. With this in mind, the gent should prepare himself for those occasions where he suddenly finds himself a father. These preparations, the gent should take care to note, do NOT involve a large trunk of clothes, a recently […]

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The Gentleman’s guide to the Secret Santa

Christmas is just around the corner, and for the office-based gentleman, this means the Hell of the Secret Santa, that annual ritual when you buy a complete strange a gift, and receive something utterly useless in return. Secret Satan, more like. Many is the year when we have argued over the budget, over the so-called […]

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How to service your own car

Recently, we found ourselves the owner of a car built by a noted French manufacturer. We’re not quite sure how this happened, for the Frenchman is no gentleman, nor do they – in the main – have much of an idea how to build a good automobile. Keen on being the true British gent and […]

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Great books for men

Books for Gentlemen We are often asked “What should I, as an aspiring gentleman be reading, Mr Socked, sir?”, and we are happy to offer our advice. The first thing we tell any young gentleman with the notion of improving their mind is what they should not be reading. The good gentleman does not read […]

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How to call in sick

The other morning, as a result of a night of excess at our gentleman’s club, I woke with a head pounding like The Guns of Navarone, and my guts in a precarious state that would have caused an outrage in any public space had they gone off. Despite the self-inflicted nature of my malady, and […]

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How to make a decent cup of tea

It’s one of the great dilemmas in this country: Nobody seems to be able to agree on how to make a decent cup of tea. Bag or leaf? Pot or cup? Milk first or tea first? The nation is split hither an tither on these vital arguments, and there are times you feel that the […]

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How to mow the lawn

As the summer draws to a close, we here at Socked are painfully aware that the lawn-mowing season is drawing to a close. However, now is the time to give it one damn good cutting before you hang up your tweed jacket and put that mower back in the shed where it belongs. Make your […]

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The best boxers in the world – EVER

We were introduced to the fine arts of pugilism in our teenage years, and enjoyed the discipline of the punch-bag, light on our feet, landing blows against a sullen and unresponsive foe. It was when we tried to transfer these skills to the ring that we found that boxing was not all it was cracked […]

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Should a gentleman get a tattoo?

One of our finest actresses – Elizabeth Taylor, we think – once remarked: “Once upon a time you had to go to the circus and pay to see the fat man and the tattooed lady. Now they’re everywhere.” In a sense, Ms Taylor is correct, there are times – especially when we are out on […]

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How to prepare a hearty breakfast

A gentleman needs breakfast. They say it’s the most important meal of the day, but we reserve that title for the snack we have between 10.30 and 11.00 when the canteen does bacon butties. However, it is undeniable that today’s time-poor gents often skip breakfast and rush out of the door in the morning clutching […]

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Men ‘at serious risk’ from belly-button fluff

PRESS RELEASE  Could this menagerie of germs lead to danger of infection? The fluff that resides in your belly button could be housing potentially fatal dangers, one gentlemen’s style and advice website fears, as they offer to sponsor further studies. If the evolution of germs found on badly-groomed and sweaty men continues, the “zoo” of […]

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Belly Button Fluff Facts And Research

A new study details the microbial contents of 60 volunteers’ belly buttons. The upshot? Belly buttons, it turns out, are a lot like fluffy rain forests. Welcome to the Jungle From 60 belly buttons, the team (Rob Dunn) found 2,368 bacterial species, 1,458 of which may be new to science. Some belly buttons harbored as […]

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How to get into a gentleman’s club

And by “Gentlemen’s Club” we do not mean the kind of establishment filled to the gunwhales with scantily-clad young ladies, gyrating their lithe young bodies in the face of drooling businessmen and drunken stag parties. For if you are the kind of person that frequents these clubs, then you cannot call yourself a gentleman. The […]

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William pipped to post in Best Dressed Celebrity Dad survey

Prime Minister battles with Clarkson for wooden spoon New father Prince William has lost out to perennial style icon David Beckham for the title of Best Dressed Celebrity Father, missing out on the victory not long after a separate vote named the Duchess of Cambridge the best dressed famous mother. According to a survey by […]

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Man buys sock subscription for his ill dog to chew

PRESS RELEASE  Laptops and condoms top list of worst things destroyed by pet dogs Yorkshire resident Jonathan Ratcliffe has bought a sock subscription for his beloved working cocker spaniel Willow so she can chew at that them to his heart’s content. Jonathan bought the gift of a sock subscription from online gents outfitters and advice […]

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How to drive a boat

“I know what will be fun,” said Mrs Socked as we soaked up the sun on a recent sojourn to East Anglia, and I was immediately filled with dread over what would come next, for I was certain that I would find myself way out of my comfort zone, doing some sort of activity as […]

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How to train your dog

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. However, you rarely – if ever – see a dog stand his round of drinks down the pub on a Friday night, and neither is a dog likely to lend you twenty quid to tide you over until the end of the month. And it is […]

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The Gentleman’s Guide To Unpleasantness And Swearing Abroad

Sometimes the gentleman has to travel, and that may involve heading south of Dover where you cannot get a decent of cup tea for neither love nor money. Alas, once you are on the continent, you will inevitably come into contact with Jean-Baptise Foreigneur, whose customs, way of life and attitude to the English gentleman […]

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What to do and your rights if you are arrested

The Gentlemen’s Guide To Getting Arrested Once in a while, a gentleman my find himself in the custody of the police. Whether it is for a serious crime, such as drunkenly knocking off an officer’s helmet outside the Drones Club; or something trivial such as gambling several billion pounds of some other blighter’s money on […]

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World’s Best Gentlemen Revealed – And it’s NOT Britain!

PRESS RELEASE Brits lose title of most polite people as courtesy in the UK takes a nose-dive Japanese men have pipped British blokes to the title of the world’s best gentlemen, according to one men’s style website. A culture of good manners and respect in the Far Eastern country means Japanese men are more likely […]

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Correct public transport etiquette

How to ride public transport correctly  It happens to all of us at some time in our lives. You’ve sacked another chauffeur due to his damned impertinence, and not one of the local taxi drivers will offer you their services because of that unfortunate misunderstanding with the horsewhip, and you are stranded outside your club […]

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How To Choose A Royal Baby Name

As Prince William and Duchess Kate prepare to welcome their little royal bundle of joy into this world, you can be sure of the fact that they are about to make the biggest decision that any parent can make: Choosing a baby name. A new parent’s choice of name can make or break their son […]

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How to say “thank you” like a gentleman

A gentlewoman friend of ours recently attended a business function in which she shared a lunch table with a current and very well known Knight of the Realm. The following day, she received a note from the good Sir Knight, thanking her for the pleasure of her company, a move that is distressingly rare in […]

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A – Z of Socks

Click on a letter to begin your sock education A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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Socks, and their correct use in gentlemen’s fashion

Contrary to what many influential fashion websites would have you believe, a gentleman is not fully dressed until he is wearing a quality pair of socks. Despite our almost fanatical devotion to the wearing of fine quality black cotton socks at the offices of, we are aware that the fashionable, modern young man can […]

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Press Release – Socked take Chart sensation Psy to task with legal action over latest hit single

IMMEDIATE RELEASE  We can’t sit by and let him destroy the good reputation of the male race A prominent British gentlemen’s outfitters and style website is exploring its legal options over South Korean music star Psy’s latest hit song “Gentleman”. Appalled by the video that accompanies the song, in which the Korean megastar is seen […]

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The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you are almost certainly on the verge of panic-buying a last-minute present for the old man. Relax. Just about everybody who has a father is panic-buying a present for their dad, so you’re not alone. Studies show that 93% of Father’s Day presents are bought after 5pm on […]

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How to waste time in the office

At some stage in his life, the aspiring gentleman may find himself employed in the most soul-crushing and mentally sapping pursuit ever devised by the human species – working in an office. You may console yourself that this may only be a temporary state of affairs as you progress toward your true calling of gentleman […]

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Movie moustaches – The top 10 best famous film moustaches

In the wake of our Top Ten Movie Beards, it is only reasonable to celebrate those who have achieved the very pinnacle of well-groomed facial hair. We cannot deny that this has been a tough choice. The movie world is full of excellent facial hair, and because of this, we’ve had to say goodbye to […]

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How to cook the perfect steak

There is no greater pleasure for the meat-eater than getting one’s teeth into a fine, well-prepared and well cooked steak. However, many of us are prepared to settle for a second-rate meal, tossed off on a grill at the local carvery with a handful of mushrooms, exactly six peas, seven chips and a visit to […]

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Best Beards In Movies – The Top 10

The cinema is blessed with characters sporting excellent facial hair. In fact, in our humble opinion, modern film making would not be where it is today without a superb growth of facial hair. This being the case, we unveil this Official Top Ten of Beards In Films 1. Tony Stark (Ironman, Avengers) Behold, the new […]

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How to shake hands

The shaking of hands is one of the universal constants of being a gentleman. It shows respect. It seals a seal. It’s a greeting. And most of all, it shows your adversary that you are unarmed. Unarmed, that is, apart from that length of lead piping in your other hand with which to stove the […]

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How to become a vegetarian

Gentlemen! I am sure that many of you are unreconstructed meat eaters like myself. I think nothing of heading out into the wilds with the old elephant gun, bagging myself a brace of elephant and roasting them slowly over an open flame in the traditional manner. On other occasions, I may simply take the old […]

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Ten Things A Gentleman Should Keep In His Car

We are fortunate, in this country, that you are never more than a few miles from civilisation, a nice cup of tea and a comfy sofa. But venture abroad, and you could find yourself one wrong turn away from hundreds of miles of featureless desert or frozen tundra. However, with our weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, […]

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10 Amazing Sock Facts

Socks are – without shadow of a doubt – the number one item of clothing to put on your feet if you discount “shoes”, “boots” and “carpet slippers”. But did you know… FACT: Socks were invented by Sir Edmund Sock during the industrial revolution, as a means of selling thirty miles of tubular fabric produced […]

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White sock infographic

Following on from our award winning black sock infographic we had numerous requests to provide the lesser ranked members of society with a white sock infographic they could call their own and for it to serve as a stern warning for anyone thinking about white socking. Don’t do it.  

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How to put up a tent

Warning this article may contain the words “erect”, “erection” and “pole”. None of these are laughing matters. With the arrival of summer comes the urge to leave the comforts of the home and go and live under canvas on a camping trip. The gentleman, of course, is thoroughly prepared for a camping trip, and ensures […]

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How to cook on a Barbecue

The back garden barbecue: The annual battle between man, the elements and pork sausage. With the sun appearing from behind show-bearing clouds for the ten-minutes that comprise the British summer, thoughts turn to inviting friends and relations for a drink-fuelled party featuring vast quantities of charred meat products. The temptation, of course, is to do […]

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How to choose the music for your funeral

Recent events have left us here at Socked pondering our own mortality. Death is something we ponder quite often, as the life-cycle of the low-quality novelty sock is a short one and it is our task to equip gentlemen with long-lasting quality footwear that – coincidentally – looks great at funerals. The one thing we […]

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How To Wet Shave

How to have a proper wet shave When it comes to personal grooming, today’s gentleman has never had it so easy. There’s no end of electrical gadgets and manly-smelling products to give you that feeling of almost-but-not-quite gentlmanliness. There are so many short cuts these days when it comes to shaving, the old art of […]

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How To Drive on Mini Roundabouts

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Mini Roundabout The Mini Roundabout. The ultimate battle between man, machine, and circle of white paint in the middle of the road. We at Socked view the mini roundabout not as an obstruction or a nuisance to sensible driving, but as an opportunity to demonstrate our gentlemanly conduct to the […]

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Missing socks and UFOs – The Truth

UFOs Responsible For Missing Socks – New Evidence Government data on Flying Saucers explains the national obsession of looking for lost socks. Recent reports made public from the National Archive have shown an increasing number of UFO sightings over the United Kingdom since the Second World War; which high-level defence, weather and technology experts have […]

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How to change a flat car tyre

The true gentleman avoids manual labour at all costs, but as we all know, there are circumstances when he is forced to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in. Take this highly unlikely scenario which happened to me just the other week: Forced to relieve my usually reliable chauffeur of his employment for that […]

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How to dispose of a body

We here at Socked are not fans of cold-blooded murder. The act of homicide is something we do not encourage in the slightest, for it is not the work of a gentleman. But let us assume the circumstances have taken on a mind of their own, and you find yourself in the highly inconvenient position […]

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How to make the perfect fish finger sandwich

There are times in a gentleman’s life when the servants are on their annual half-day holiday and whist the lady wife is away on a all-nighter with her friends from the Heavy Artillery Regiment, that he has that rare chance of an evening alone that allows him to indulge himself and eat any bally thing […]

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Ten Sports for Gentlemen

The world of sport is fraught with danger for the gentleman. Not the danger of injury or certain death, but that of playing the wrong sport. Once everybody knows you spend Thursday evenings down the local sports centre playing Badminton, no amount of sexist banter about playing partners in mini-skirts will save you, my friend. […]

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The Gentleman’s Guide To Drinking

“Fancy a drink, old man?” BEWARE: These five words may sound innocent enough when you’re at a social event, but they are not. In the words of poor, dead Admiral Ackbar: “IT’S A TRAP!” The world of drink is fraught with dangers, of which the trainee gentleman (ie, you) may not be fully aware. Many […]

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How to iron trousers

How to iron your trousers Regular readers of these advice columns will already have learned how to shine their shoes in a war zone, and how to iron a shirt without running the risk of gunshot wounds from close relatives. However, these skills are all for naught if the gentleman appears in public with badly […]

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How To Fight A Bear

As any gentleman adventurer will attest, the greatest risk to any expedition into the wild is an unexpected bear attack. These curs know no fear, and will take on any foe irrespective of how British they may be. The situation is further complicated by the fact that bears have no respect for the Marquis of […]

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How to Write and Deliver a Best Man’s Speech

The Best Man’s Speech – quite possibly the most terrifying ordeal that the young gentleman may face in his lifetime. Thrown into an arena of hostile glares, the gentleman must produce something sharp, witty, and above all, inoffensive lest he find himself ostracised for the rest of his adult life. No pressure, then. The big […]

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How to perform a citizen’s arrest

Back in my day, the police were a happy-go-lucky lot, only too pleased to tell you the time. Our local cop shop didn’t have a flight of stairs in the whole building, so for a nod and a wink, we lent them the scullery staircase for days when their questioning needed a bit of a […]

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How not to be an internet troll

How Not To Be An Idiot Troll On The Internet Our honest opinion is that the quality of gentlemanly discourse on the internet went right down the toilet the day they did away with the entrance exam. Call us snobs, but these days they let just about anybody online irrespective of whether they are a […]

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How to stand for public office

You know how these things go. You’re somewhat in your cups in the public bar at the Dog and Duck having one of those “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this country” conversations, one thing leads to another and all of a sudden you’re five hundred quid lighter and running for mayor. Luckily, I didn’t […]

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How To Set Up Your Own TV Channel

As you might have noticed, we at Socked would probably sell our own grandmothers for a bit of publicity, and it crossed our mind that we should set up our own television channel. Sort of a posh version of ‘Dave’. Called ‘David’. Then we saw how much it would cost and went for a lie […]

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How To Fight Like A Gentleman

How to Fight Like A Gentleman Here at Socked, we’re lovers, not fighters. But even the most peace-loving of gents will find themselves in a position where they have no option but to stand and fight. In the majority of cases this descent into barbarity will be with a fellow member of the human race, […]

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Simple Meals for Gentlemen: No.2 The 30 Minute Chicken Stew

Simple Meals for Gentlemen: No.2 The 30 Minute Chicken Stew You’re a gentlemen of the world. You’ve got no time to actually cook anything more difficult than beans on toast, and we dare say that if that foul temptress Aunt Bessie sold beans on toast, that is what man would eat from this day to […]

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How to duel like a gentleman

As any gentleman knows, the art of duelling is one of the most important skills one can possess. Any thug can get into a mill outside a pub, arms and feet flailing as he dukes it out over what little honour the young lady holding his pint might have. Real gentlemen do not get into […]

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Black Sock Infographic

Socks are somewhat confusing and in particular black socks, many gentlemen have pondered on such questions such as ‘what is a sock?’ and ‘what is a black sock? Well let confusion be a thing of the past with this spiffing black sock infographic.

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How to roll up your shirt sleeves

There are times in the life of a gentleman when he must remove his jacket, roll up his shirt sleeves and knuckle down to the job in hand. For me, this day came when I was forced to defend the honour of the regimental padre’s daughter against blackguardly language from a drunken cur of my […]

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How To Iron A Shirt

There comes a time in the life of the modern gentleman when he needs to wear a shirt and tie. Be it a wedding, funeral, job interview or a morning before the magistrate answering difficult questions about that cracker of a practical joke at the zoo of which we no longer speak. It’s all very […]

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How to shine your shoes

We here at Socked – quite naturally – tend the emphasise the importance of quality socks to the modern gentlemen. However, this advice counts for nothing if your hose is accompanied by shoddy footwear. Shoes make the man, and if you do not have a valet or gentleman’s gentleman to apply the daily shine, then […]

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Invisible Socks

Why Waste your time with Invisible Socks? So what is all this nonsense I’ve been hearing about ‘invisible socks?’ For some strange reason unbeknownst to me, invisible socks are now becoming fashionable within the world of socks! I hear statements of joy such as “I love my comfortable, invisible socks.” OR even more preposterous, “The […]

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Simple Meals For Gentlemen: No.1 The One Pan Carbonara

Simple Meals For Gentlemen: No.1 The One Pan Carbonara The true gentleman – of course – has no need to cook for himself. He simply breakfasts on what kippers, toast, kedgeree, kidneys, chops, bacon, eggs, toasted cheese and strong fresh coffee his servants may bring for him as he rises in the morning. Then, he […]

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The gentleman’s guide to swearing

Swearing. It is neither big nor clever, but let us assume that you already have a full and frank working knowledge of all the major swear words and profane expressions that blight the English language. A true gentleman always keeps his cool, but there may come a time when certain, unpleasant language may be required. […]

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How to Hold a Gun

WARNING: A gun is not a toy. A gentleman should never need to hold or carry a gun except under the most exceptional of circumstances. Even then, he should be aware of the extreme consequences that mishandling the weapon could have both upon himself and those around him. For example: Injury, death and blackballed from […]

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How to Hold a Gnu

WARNING: A gnu is not a toy. A gentleman should never need to hold or carry a gnu except under the most exceptional of circumstances. Even then, he should be aware of the extreme consequences that mishandling the animal could have both upon himself and those around him. For example: Injury, death and blackballed from […]

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What to do if your dog gets into a dog fight

Your dog might be your best friend, but it will also be best friends with anyone and everyone. Others however, may not be so friendly and come with a little bite! Those who lack bite themselves, tend to breed dogs to have it for them, these people are called chavs. Aggressive dogs are a big […]

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The gentleman’s guide to pregnancy

The Gentleman’s Guide to Pregnancy With Britain’s top gentleman the Duke of Cambridge soon to become a father for the first time, we felt it both important and appropriate to educate this great country of ours on the importance remaining a gentleman throughout the difficult nine months of their significant other’s pregnancy. These are […]

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How To Create A Spy Paper For Reconnaissance Missions

From time to time as a gentleman of multiple talents you will fine yourself on a surveillance mission. Your biggest worry will be that the target has spotted you, if so you will need to tell a cunning ruse to get yourself out of hot water. The safe option is simply not to be caught […]

November 27th, 2012 in blog | Comments

For Ladies How To Deal With A Lesser Gentleman

Quite often ladies can not find a suitable suitor and have to make do with a lesser gentleman, which can prove to be both stressful and problematic. As the issues faced with dealing with a lesser gentleman are not overcome with ease and require a lifetime of retraining, therefore we have created this handy guide […]

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Socked Supports Movemeber

Gentlemen It is not often that you are asked to help out your fellow man, and a true gent would never have to be asked. However the month of Movember (November) is quite different each year gentleman from around the globe band together in union to help support Movember and your support for this is […]

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How to open a bottle without a bottle opener

Forgotten your bottle opener? Surprise your chums with these few tricks. Take a five pound note, fold it in half, then roll it as tight as you can. Fold it in half again so that it forms a bend with a pointy bit. Wedge that pointy bit under the bottle top. You should now hold […]

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What to do if your car starts to skid or slide

Unless you’re an ice skater, odds are, you’re already aware that trying to walk on ice in a gentlemanly fashion can prove rather difficult when one has no grip between ones feet and the ground beneath them. And it’s just as tricky to drive a vehicle on snow or ice when maintaining any level of […]

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What to do if a leach attacks you

As a young chum many of us will have watched the film “Stand by Me” and will still recall the infamous leach attack scene. The question remains how the heck one fends off an attack by a crack team of leaches. Imagine the scenario; no doubt it would be a little like the scene from […]

November 2nd, 2012 in blog | Comments

How to fend off and deal with an angry bull attack

We have all been there, you’re enjoying a stroll through the local park enroute to the pub, when low and behold, you are confronted by an angry bull that has escaped from a nearby field. It’s a common problem and one that can become dangerous if not handled correctly. Help what should I do! Follow […]

November 1st, 2012 in blog | Comments

How To Save Someone From Drowning

Unless one is engaged in a game of water polo, under water chess, or drinking champagne on the back of a speed boat, water is a place that does not lend itself to foolish horseplay. How to save a drowning swimmer If one spots a water chum who is in need of assistance, remember to […]

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Sock Horror! Halloween Special

Daniel sat up his bed and stretched comfortably in the morning sunlight. He reached to his bedside and switched off his alarm clock- it would go off soon, but he rarely woke up with it- he was a gentleman in every sense of the word, and would have taken pride in his punctuality and attention […]

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Eton style gangnam style parody video

The jolly good chaps over at Eton have made this rather spiffing ‘Gangnam Style’ parody video. And we dare say we much prefer it over the original any day of the week. The only thing its missing is a couple of mustaches and there is of course a distinct lack of socks. UPDATE – SOCKED […]

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How to survive if your parachute doesn’t open

Every now and then as an adventurous gentleman you will find yourself tens of thousands of feet up in the air, floating through the fluffy clouds like superman. But what do you do if you pull the cord on ones parachute and the blasted thing doesn’t open? To say you’d be in somewhat of a […]

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Mondays don’t need to suck

For many Monday is the worst day of the week, the dread of having to haul ones self into work after a relaxing weekend is not always the most appealing thought. Perhaps we can change your unhappy Monday into a fun Monday with a free pair of socks? We will give away 1 pair of […]

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Man Flu

Man Flu 10,000 Times Worse Than A Female Cold. Is There A Cure? It’s that time of the year again, when Man Flu strikes hard at the very heart of masculinity. Man flu is one of man’s greatest fears. It can strike at any time and render any man worse than useless.   Man Flu […]

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When is it OK to ask a woman if she is pregnant?

The answer to this one chaps is simple. NEVER. For further information on when is it OK to ask a woman if she is pregnant? Please see the image below.   Have you ever found oneself in an embarrassing situation? Help out your fellow gentlemen by letting us all know, what not to do by leaving […]

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How to build a spit roast

While the less mature will be sniggering at the back of the room and thinking about Katie Price, a true gentleman will know that spit roasting is an outdoor cooking technique used to produce outstanding food. In fact it’s very simple to build; you’re simply taking the idea of using a roasting stick and basic […]

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A True Gentleman’s Sport

Gentleman have achieved some fine things such as building inventions in ones shed, fixing a broken down car and the ability to drink ale. But some say there is no finer way to show off ones skills as a gentleman than competing in the world beard and mustache championships. Please enjoy these exceptional photos.   […]

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Cute Pictures Of Baby Animals With Mustaches

This post is for all the fair ladies who like to swoon at photos of cute animals. Please enjoy.                                  

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Gentleman’s Drinking Game

On occasion it is fun to gather ones chums for a jolly good time and a few stiff drinks, here is a simple fun game that all can play from within the comfort of ones own home. The Gentlemen’s drinking game – Instructions Step 1: Attach a mustache to your TV. Step 2: Drink when […]

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How To Become A Spy

If one was to take some time away from day to day stresses and spent some time deep in thought pondering what sort of man they wanted to be, there would only be one clear choice. James Bond. A never ageing, millionaire playboy and super spy who excels in both wit and intelligence, has the […]

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How to be a gentleman

Unfortunately in today’s society one only needs to get on a crowded train to witness the fact that there are very few true gentlemen remaining. Being gentleman is to be noble and is very much appreciated by both males and females alike. But alas the way of gentlemen is becoming lost in today modern hectic […]

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Which man knife is right for you?

Different types of pocket knifes, which one is for you? For reasons on why you need a pocket knife click here Picking a personal pocket knife is personal much like selecting the right pair of socks, it all comes down to personal style. You will want to select a knife that you can bond with, […]

July 2nd, 2012 in blog | Comments

Why you need a man knife

Since time began it has been tradition for a gentleman to carry a pocket knife along with his cash, keys and smart phone The History of the manly pocket Knife Back in good old days of the 1st century it was the romans who invented the first folding knife, it was used mostly by soldiers, […]