November 12th 2012 | Comments

How to open a bottle without a bottle opener

Forgotten your bottle opener? Surprise your chums with these few tricks.

Take a five pound note, fold it in half, then roll it as tight as you can. Fold it in half again so that it forms a bend with a pointy bit. Wedge that pointy bit under the bottle top. You should now hold the note between your index finger and thumb. Hold the neck of the bottle with your weakest of hands, then push the note up and hey presto, the top will fly off. As the top may fly off at some force it may be wise and gentlemanly to warn any onlookers.

The gents were determined to open the beer bottle

If you don’t have a note to hand, you could always try the belt trick. Using your belt buckle, removed from your waist of course! Place one edge of the belt buckle tightly over the top, place your thumb over the other edge and push hard, just like you would a normal bottle opener, hey presto it should be open!