November 27th 2012 | Comments

How To Create A Spy Paper For Reconnaissance Missions

From time to time as a gentleman of multiple talents you will fine yourself on a surveillance mission. Your biggest worry will be that the target has spotted you, if so you will need to tell a cunning ruse to get yourself out of hot water. The safe option is simply not to be caught on a reconnaissance mission to do this you need to watch your subject without them spotting you watching them.

A low cost and effective way to do this is to equip ones self with a super sluth spying newspaper. James Bond professional spy and avid sock wearer commented “A spy news paper should form part of every spies tool kit, simple yet effective and you can make one on the spot in no time at all”

Here’s our guide on how to make a spy paper

1. Take an ordinary newspaper and remove the front and back page spread and place to one side.

2. With the remainder of the paper cut two peep holes that will allow you to see though the paper with ease when you are holding the paper in a normal reading position. Be careful here to cut the holes at the right level and size.

spy paper

3. Take the front and back page spread and cut a further two holes in them, only this time make sure they are positioned just above the peep holes that are in the rest of the paper. This will ensure that when you place all the pages together again the peep holes will be hidden and to spy on your target all you will have to do is slide the front and back page down so the hole from these pages lines up with the rest of paper which will give you a clear but yet sneaky view target and allow you to cover the peep holes in a instant should suspicion arise.