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How to be a gentleman

Unfortunately in today’s society one only needs to get on a crowded train to witness the fact that there are very few true gentlemen remaining. Being gentleman is to be noble and is very much appreciated by both males and females alike.

But alas the way of gentlemen is becoming lost in today modern hectic world and gentlemanly ways are in serious danger of been forgotten, at a time when they are needed most.

A few basic good manners and etiquette will ensure that you leave a positive lasting memorable impression on all those that you encounter and with any luck your attitude will be copied by others, thus so you can make a real difference to society.

Below are some basic tips and guidance that if followed will ensure that you can project yourself in positive way, be seen as a man of excellent breeding, make your mother proud and encourage others to want to associate with you and conduct business affairs with you. And of course the ladies will of course always be pleased to meet a true gent.

This of course is not an extensive list,  just a few the very basics for every day etiquette for further knowledge please visit our gentleman tips section.

how to be a gentleman

One should always be polite

On occasion you will encounter others that you do not agree with, it is important not to lower your standards and to keep ones head held high. This is not to be snooty or rude this is to be polite, kind and courteous and to show the world you are the better man.

To curse is to be rude

Swearing as your Mother will tell you is a no, its a no in all circumstances. By cursing you are merely showing that you have a distinct lack of vocabulary and an inability to express your thoughts appropriately. Furthermore it is rude and vulgar ,which is how people will remember you if you act in this manner.

Let others speak

You must always be courteous and let other finish what they are saying before adding your comments. To break this rule is a sign of poor social skills and a distinct lack of etiquette to both the person talking and to those that are listening. If however you want to be seen as rude and egotistical you may do so by interrupting others.

Do not spit

This should go without saying, however a great deal of men do this subconsciously. Spitting is horrid habit and to witness it only leads to instant disgust. Do not spit in public under any circumstances unless you want to look like you were raised in a sewer.

There is no need to shout

When a person speaks loudly or shouts, it does nothing but to raise the stress levels among your current company and of those who are in close vicinity. It implies that you are rude, show no consideration to others around you and that you cannot reason with others so you rely instead on brute force in order to get your point across. This will only draw negative attention towards you.

Do not lose your temper

By losing ones temper, you are simply showing the world that you cannot control your emotions and if you can’t control yourself then this implies that you cannot control anything else. It is important to remain calm at all times, on occasion this may prove difficult, however battle through it and people will take note of your level-headedness and admire you for it. Lose your temper and more fool you.

Do not stare

Ogling someone with unwanted attention is a vile act and women especially do not appreciate it. She will not admire you for it and he will find it the equivalent of psychological aggression which may lead them to believe you are attempting to intimidate them, which is always unacceptable behaviour.

We do hope these basic tips help you become a better gentleman, if you would like to learn more or have your own suggestion that you would like to submit, please visit our tips section here or leave a comment below.