Horse Riding Socks

Riding a horse, we have discovered, is an acquired taste. Either you like being bounced around on the back of a temperamental animal, or you do not.

Equestrianism is one of Britain’s longest-standing traditional sports, practised by millionaire landowners down to the smallest of children on a school outing. We’re scarily impressed that one of the country’s most accomplished dressage riders is Katie “Jordan” Price, a fact that positively gets right up the nose of the landed gentry end of the market.

One of the first things that any potential horse rider realises is the importance of the correct kit. Owning and riding a horse can be an expensive business, and it all begins to add up very quickly. Even the correct choice of socks is important, especially if you spend long periods in the saddle, your legs up against the rough demands of both horse and tack.

Knee-length, cushioned and hard-wearing, a good pair of riding socks will cost you at least £12, maybe more, but they offer the protect that you need and will eventually smell of horse.

Not being particularly keen on equines (the closest we get is Bet Fred on Grand National day), we prefer to spend our sock budget on quality cotton socks: 

Celebrity Wearer: Katie Price, who has probably designed her own range in varying shades of pink.