Hiking Socks

The great outdoors, there’s nothing like it. Cold, wet, muddy and utterly glorious, and the right socks are absolutely vital if you take walking seriously.

Many people learn the hard way, taking to the hills on a camping holiday with unsuitable socks and unsuitable footwear. Within a few miles, and the pub still hours away, they’re already cursing the moment they left home comforts behind as they nurse blisters, cuts and far worse.

Not only should the potential hiker ensure they have a decent quality pair of boots or suitable shoes with ankle support, they should also ensure they’ve got the right socks. An everyday pair of cotton socks, stylish though they are, will not stand the demands of a hike over miles of rugged terrain, and can only end in painful foot injuries.

Warm, stout woollen socks are a must for all hikers. Strong and flexible enough to live up to the demands of a long day’s walking, but also thick enough to keep feet warm on the coldest and wettest of days.

And when you’ve reached the end of the road, have a pair of dry cotton socks in your pack to give your feet a break. Order from socked.co.uk, for the ultimate foot comfort experience.

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