Handlinked Toe Seam Socks

There’s nothing worse in the world than uncomfortable socks.

Actually, that’s a lie. There are loads of things worse than uncomfortable socks, such as Justin Bieber singing a medley of showtunes on your front lawn at three in the morning, finding yourself shipwrecked on a desert island with only Justin Bieber for company, and everything about Justin Bieber.

That being the case, there is nothing worse in the world of sock-wearing than uncomfortable socks. Many lower quality socks aren’t that careful with the finish, and tend to have a great big chunky seam across the toes. When you think about sock construction (and we do, always), the toes are the one logical place to put the seam, even if it is also the most likely area of discomfort.

That’s where handlinked toe seam socks come into play. Instead of being mass-produced with that big, chunky, uncomfortable toe seam, they’re carefully put together with a single thread stitching together the two sides to create a comfortable, flat fit. Of course, you can expect to pay extra for the comfort, but that’s a small price to pay if you live in mortal fear of dreadful things happening to you.

Alternatively, you can order a subscription from socked.co.uk, for high-quality black gentlemen’s socks

Celebrity Wearer: Justin Bieber. He knows quality socks, does the Bieb.