Grey Socks

If you have been reading through this A-Z of socks and footwear, you may already be impressed by our almost fanatical devotion to black cotton gentlemen’s socks of the kind sold by While black socks are they very acme of the world of comfort footwear, we cannot ignore the influence of the grey sock on the development of British culture and nation.

While many of the most influential Britons of our modern age (Winston Churchill, Jeremy Clarkson, Margaret Thatcher) wore nothing but high quality bloack cotton gents’ socks, the progress of the country has been undermined by those willing to compromise and make do with second best.

It grieves us that so many promising lives and careers have been blighted by people who later turned out to be grey sock wearers. Those who saw fit to drag the Empire’s reputation through the mire simply by turning up to negotiation with other world leaders with poorer quality grey socks. While grey socks may be perfectly fine for the likes of Vladimir Putin (simply because they were crafted from the skin of an elk slaughtered by his bare hands), no British political or business leader should sully the country’s name in such a way.

Grey socks: AVOID.

Celebrity Wearer: Former Prime Minister John Major