Green Socks

Socks are available in all colours, although the preference of the writers of this particular A-Z of Socks and Footwear is for black. We are fully aware that other coloured socks exist, and that people are preapred to spend their hard-earned money in purchasing them.

Green socks, then, are an enigma to us, as they present the problem that they do not actually go with any other colour that can be worn by the everyday gentlemen around town. However, once the gentleman has slipped the confines of city living for a weekend in the countryside, tramping about his estate shooting the blue blazes out of any living, breathing specimen that dare cross his path, then green socks come into their own.

Suitably attired, the country gentleman is a sight to behold in is oilskin coat, waistcoat, corduroy trousers and hand-stitched boots. Any townies in his path had better comment positively on his extraordinarily luxurious green socks or there may follow a pointed invitation to “Get off my land”, a refusal of which often offends.

Alternatively, he may play for Glasgow Celtic Football Club, where green socks are expected.

To rid the British countryside of the curse of green socks, help us to replace them with black cotton socks, one pair of feet at a time:

Celebrity Wearer: Chancellor George Osborne