Golf Socks

Pitting man against small white ball, the sport of golf is one of the most frustrating ever invented. Only the most devious human mind could come up with the idea of hitting a tiny ball over a quarter of a mile of countryside into a hole just four inches across and not call it the most exquisite torture ever devised.

People will spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on their golf addiction. Clubs, membership and green fees, coaching, driving ranges, more clubs because they’ve snapped them all over their knee in frustration, and ridiculous trousers. In a world where golf gadgets abound, it is not surprising to learn that golf socks are an actual thing, bought by people who take their golf seriously.

Like most golf clothing, golf socks are available in two forms: Sensible and Outrageous. Sensible golf socks are single colour, knee-length and allow for warmth and comfort when standing in a field in the pouring rain pondering an approach shot over a bunker. Outrageous golf socks are especially designed to go with golf trousers. Our advice is to choose the former.

For the 19th hole, don’t forget to emerge from the locker room into the club bar wearing a quality pair of black cotton socks from If it helps, you might want to shout “Get in the hole!” as you put them on. Also, remember to change out of those ridiculous trousers.

Celebrity Wearer: World number one golfer and golf sock owner Tiger Woods