Gift Socks for Men

Somebody once said “It’s better to give than to receive”, which is all very well except that it makes anybody at the other end of the whole gift exchange experience feel a bit guilty. This is not the case. Receiving gifts is just as good and giving, especially – and we’re showing just a little bit of bias here – if the gift is one of top-quality black gentlemen’s socks.

By extraordinary coincidence, top-quality black gentlemen’s socks are the one gift product you can purchase from, a gift that delights both the receiver and the giver.

We should point out, however, that other gift socks are available, and in a free market, we cannot stand in your way of buying your former loved one something of lower quality.

Gift socks for men come in all shapes and sizes, many of which depend on both parties having had a taste bypass at some stage in their lives. We’ve seen socks decorated with baked beans, Union flags, pictures of the royal family, leopard print, tiger print and allegedly hilarious slogans. We won’t have anything to do with this, except for our “You don’t have to be a gentleman to wear these, but it helps” socks, emblazoned across our black socks in exactly the same shade of black.

In summary: If you want gift socks for men that get worn more than once, make them black and make them classy.

Celebrity Wearer: Radio legend Tony Blackburn