Father’s Day Socks

Father’s Day: That annual event where all the dads in the world receive a small package from their offspring containing a T-shirt, a mug or a pair of socks bearing the legend “World’s Number One Dad”. For the vast majority of fathers, this statement is patently untrue as by definition there can only be one Number One Dad, our money being on Prince Philip.

Like any novelty sock gift, the novelty soon wears off, and – according to our own figures – the average pair of Father’s Day “World’s Best Dad” socks is worn an average of 0.57 times, the huge majority of fathers having a dreadful moment of clarity as they pull the first sock on in the morning, before finding something more sensible for the rest of the day. Novelty socks, as a whole, are unloved creatures, relegated to the back of the drawer in case of emergencies.

Instead of wasting your money on pointless logo socks for your old dad, why not surprise him with the ideal Father’s Day gift of quality and class: A sock subscription from socked.co.uk isn’t just for Father’s Day, and keeps delivering top-notch black socks all year round.

Celebrity wearer: HRH Prince Andrew, an ironic gift from his father