Father’s day present and gifts UK

The ideal gift for Fathers Day

Are you looking for Fathers Day gift ideas for the father or grandfather in your life?

The stylish ladies and gents at Socked are just the people you need for top-notch presents for both dad and grandad, offering a regular delivery of socks to their door for a price you can afford.

We here at Socked know that our high quality cotton sock subscriptions make an ideal and unusual gift idea for men, and it’s one of those superb, cheap presents that keeps giving all year round.

It’s the Fathers Day present that keeps giving monthly, or every few months, depending on which of our packages you choose.

For as little as nineteen of the Queen’s pounds for a year’s subscription, we can arrange regular deliveries of socks to any address in the UK.

Our packages are fully customised, so you can arrange for the delivery of as few as eight pairs per year, all the way up to 48 pairs per year, which means a new pair of socks virtually every week. That’s enough socks to please any dad.

And let’s face it, quality socks are a far better choice than a scruffy pair that’s got “Best Dad Ever” written on them, or a not-quite-right picture of a cartoon character. We know full well that novelty socks are worn once (if at all) and stuffed to the back of the drawer, never to bee seen again.

Take our word for it: Black cotton socks will delight any father and will be used again and again.

For as little as a round of drinks in a pub, a Socked subscription is the unusual gift idea that brings pleasure, style and class into a man’s life. Make your dad proud – get him a Socked subscription!

Ordering is simple. Take yourself along to socked.co.uk/shop and change a man’s life for the better.