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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I return unwanted socks?
By getting them into a nice little jiffy bag and sending them back to us via the Great British Postal system, contact us here. We regret to inform you that we can not accept returns that have been worn or not in the original packaging
What does poppycock mean?
Poppycock is an old English saying that means foolish or nonsense talk.
How is delivery made?
Once a month by the good chaps at the Royal mail or the equivalent service for overseas customers
How can I pay for the Socks and is it safe
We are fully PCI compliant, 100% secure and you can pay with any good credit or debit card, for all options click here.
How do I update my address?
To change your delivery address please contact the head of geographic and postcode data by clicking here.
Why is there a lemon next to the sock on the home page?
Quite simply our socks are fresh and zingy – buy some and place them on ones feet to find out for yourself.
What happens to missing socks
We don’t know the answer to this, we currently have a team of sock scientists working on on the problem, if you think you know tell us by adding a comment here
How do I cancel my subscription?
If you want to cancel now you should click here. Its pain free and easy for you, however we reserve the right to cancel your acceptance to the gentleman’s club
What materials are the socks made from?
High quality fibres including 84% cotton, 14% nylon, 2% elastane and lots of love view them all here
What colour socks can I order?
You are able to request any colour you wish as long as it is black.
Do you deliver worldwide?
Yes, for more questions with the answer yes head over to our yes department.
What sizes do you supply
All our socks are sized 6-11 we also put them on a man giant with size 12 feet with no problems what so ever
I have bought a sockscription as a gift where can I download a gift certificate?
Excellent choice of gift you’re a true friend. You can download a certificate by clicking here
How do I contact Socked HQ?
You can contact Socked HQ by clicking here

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