Fairtrade Socks

The modern world is a cruel, heartless place, with many companies sacrificing their morals in the name of the holy grail of the increased profit margin. For many farmers and small producers, that means they are squeezed to such an extent by large corporations that they are forced to accept take-it-or-leave-it prices that result in poverty and hunger.

The same is true for the cotton in your socks. With profit margins squeezed, it’s the poor farmer at the bottom end of the supply chain that gets it in the pocket, and for some it’s a struggle to survive. That’s where Fairtrade socks come in – only made from cotton that is purchased for a fair price from the growers. According to the Fairtrade Foundation, there was no fairtrade cotton in the UK before 2005, rising to a market worth over ¬£70million within five years. That’s an awful lot of socks (other cotton-based clothing is available)

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